Varicose Veins

We understand how uncomfortable living in pain can be, but we also understand how stressful it is to be off work for weeks at a time when recovering from major surgery. We do our best to help diagnose and solve your vein problems in a minimally invasive way. We offer everything from spider vein treatment to effective vein closure. We can even provide effective venous insufficiency treatment.

Get the Venous Insufficiency Treatment You Need

Chronic venous insufficiency does not pose a serious health threat, but the condition can be disabling and cause pain. It is a progressive disorder and symptoms can worsen over time if left untreated. Venous insufficiency signs and symptoms include skin color and texture changes, and venous ulcers. Our board certified surgeons are here to help.

Varicose Veins (Venous Insufficiency)

Generic Risk Factors

  • Age 40+
  • Gender – women are more likely to develop vein disease
  • Family History

Possible Lifestyle Risk Factors

  • Prolonged periods of sitting and/or standing
  • Obesity or excessive weight
  • Multiple pregnancies
  • Heavy lifting
  • Smoking

Varicose veins may be a sign of something more severe – venous reflux disease. Venous reflux disease develops when the valves stop working properly and allow blood to flow backward (i.e., reflux) and pool in the lower leg veins. If venous reflux disease is left untreated symptoms can worsen over time and could lead to chronic venous insufficiency. Venous reflux disease may cause the following symptoms in your legs: swelling, cramping, aching, heaviness/tiredness, varicose veins, open sores and restlessness.

How Are Varicose Veins Diagnosed?

An ultrasound study is the only definitive way to diagnose venous insufficiency. Dr. Schratz and Dr. Hodge use this test to look inside your veins and determine if the valves are functioning properly. Although insurance coverage can vary by individual plans, most insurance providers, including Medicare, will cover necessary clinical tests done to help your doctor confirm or rule out a suspected illness.

We offer VenaSeal and ClosureFast procedures.

Procedure Highlights

  • Minimally invasive, outpatient procedure
  • Proven results with positive outcomes
  • Lower rates of pain, bruising and complications and a faster improvement in patient’s quality of life
  • Average patient typically resumes normal activities within a few days following treatment
  • Most patients report noticeable improvement in symptoms within 1-2 weeks following procedure
  • Can be performed under local anesthesia
  • Covered by most insurances


  • Prior to the procedure your leg will be evaluated using ultrasound and the vein may be marked using a skin marker
  • Local anesthesia will be given at the catheter entry site to numb the area
  • The physician will access the vein through either a small incision or skin puncture
  • Once the vein is accessed the catheter is inserted and advanced to the treatment starting point
  • The catheter’s position is verified using ultrasound
  • The treatment path will be numbed with a local anesthesia


This procedure uses injections to treat spider viens that can develop over time. Sclerotherapy works by injections of FDA approved Asclera (polidocanol), into the affected spider veins to collapse the vein so it fades from view. Treatments typically take between 20-30 minutes and allow patients to resume regular activity in the same day. Quick, and minimally invasion, this procedure provides great results, with little pain to the patient. ​ We even offer opportunities for free vein screenings.

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